Literature library

In this section you will find details of the literature available to you and your clients.


Top-up Application formIPBF6518
Partial/Full Cash-in formIPBF10237
Funds Transfer Request FormGENM5175
Regular Withdrawal formIPBF10240
Change of Address formIPBF10238
Fund Switch RequestIPBF10239
Financial Adviser Appointment EnglishIPBF10294 
Servicing Terms Application FormIPBF10299 
Servicing TermsServicing Terms


With-Profits GuideIPBB6538e
Funds GuideIPBF10193 
Bonus Rates IPBM10065 
Product Information SheetIPBS10298
PAC USD With-ProfitsINVS10021
PAC STG With-ProfitsINVS10584
PAC Euro With-ProfitsINVS10585
Prudent Pair of HandsIPB157601

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