There are several reasons why our Spanish International Prudence Bond (SIPB) could be a good choice for your clients.

Why SIPB could suit your clients

It's a medium to long term investment through a life insurance plan offering the tax advantages of a Dublin-based bond combined with the following equity and managed multi-asset funds which utilise the asset allocation expertise of the Portfolio Management Group and offer a truly global investment perspective:

  • PruFund Range of Funds

It can also offer your clients:

  • Funds denominated in euro, sterling and US dollars
  • A 101% death benefit if the assured is 75 or under, if they are 76 or over the death benefit is 100.1%
  • A minimum investment of only £20,000, €25,000 or $35,000
  • Funds featuring smoothing to help reduce the volatility of client investments
  • A top-up facility from £15,000, €20,000 or $25,000
  • Flexible withdrawal options (potentially subject to charges) so your clients can access their funds when it suits them
  • A minimum allocation rate of 100%

It's an effective and efficient way to access a powerful range of investment solutions that cater for a variety of investor needs.

For more information on SIPB, please see the following documents or get in touch with your Account Manager.

Further information
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