PruFund Range of Funds

There are 2 options in this range; PruFund Cautious and PruFund Growth. Both are invested in M&G plc's With-Profits Fund. Like our With-Profits fund, they aim to smooth the peaks and troughs of investment markets but these do it in a unique way:

Both fund ranges also benefit from the following:

Note that the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount of your investment.

Further information

For more information on the PruFund Range of Funds, please see the following documents or speak to your financial adviser.

Further information
Key Information Documents
Key Information Documents / Investment Option Documents
Title Code
IPBPIIB - UK only (PruFund range of funds) – CFPPFM IPBB10049
IPB Guide to Investing in the PruFund Range of Funds IPBB10046
IPB Funds Guide INVB5260
A Guide to IPB IPBB10044
PruFund Range of Funds: Guarantee Options IPBS10167