5 Reasons to Choose Prudential International

1. Our good name

As part of the Prudential Group we're a strong and financially secure organisation with a well-respected name. The Prudential Group has around 24 million customers worldwide, who between them trust the company to manage £635 billion of their money*.  Prudential Assurance Company (PAC) is rated by independent credit ratings provider, Standard & Poor's as AA, one of the highest ratings available. 

*as at 30 June 2017 

2. The Prudential Group's investment expertise

The Prudential Group has over 500 investment professionals across the world, centrally coordinated by the Prudential Portfolio Management Group (PPMG). Their track record in the multi-asset fund area is well recognised, they have a concrete understanding of the international market and dedicated teams of specialists. The Prudential Group has been helping people plan for their future for over 166 years. The group's size and experience puts us in a strong position to invest customers' money wisely for the medium to long term

3. Our support

We take customer service very seriously and aim to provide the quality you would expect from a name such as Prudential. We're also a member of the Association of International Life Offices (AILO), a trade organisation which aims to encourage professionalism and high standards amongst its members. 

4. Our tax efficient location

We're based in Dublin, Ireland and therefore no income or capital gains tax is paid on investment income (except for some withholding tax). This can result in a potentially higher return than investing in UK-based funds. 

Tax may be payable on withdrawals , surrender or on death. This will depend on your individual circumstances and country of residence for tax purposes, so for specific advice you should speak to your Financial Adviser.  

5. Our unique product

Our International Prudence Bond is a medium to long term investment through a life insurance plan designed with the needs of international investors in mind.  It's tailored to each market and sold via professional Independent Financial Advisers.